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Giving at Revive

We take generosity seriously at Revive LTC!

All over our website, you'll find ways that you can be generous with your time and talents.

If you are interested in practicing financial generosity at Revive you can do so in the following ways.

Online One-Time or Recurring Gift



Giving online is easy. Revive LTC uses Planning Center Giving which makes it easy to give via card or account number. f Revive LTC is your home-church, we want to encourage you to consider automated giving. We know that your desire is to give consistently, and automated giving ensures that your gift goes through (whether you remember or not). Click Here to make a one-time financial gift.

To utilize Text-to-Give for one-time or recurring gifts, text a dollar amount to 84321 and follow the instructions from there. After the first time it is a quick 2 step process to give.  

When we gather on Saturday evenings, we will always have an option for you to give a cash or check. If this is your preferred method of generosity, we will share where you can do that during the worship service.

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