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Saturday's at 5pm
Wednesday's at 6:30pm

Welcome to Revive Church Milwaukee

A Life Transformation Church

Welcome to Revive Church Milwaukee - A Life Transformation Church, also a beacon of faith, diversity, and inclusivity. We are not just a church; we are a family united by a shared love for Christ, and we wholeheartedly embrace people of all backgrounds and abilities.


At Revive Church Milwaukee, we're dedicated to uplifting spirits and fostering spiritual growth through our inclusive church services. Our commitment to serving the community is unwavering, especially through our Special Needs Ministry, where we provide a warm and supportive environment for individuals of all abilities.


As a Christ-centered, multi-ethnic, and non-denominational church, Revive Church Milwaukee invites you to join us on a profound journey of faith, hope, and love. Together, we'll experience the transformative power of God's grace and create lasting connections that make us a truly blessed and diverse congregation.

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Connected to Jesus, Purpose, and back to the Community you Serve.

To Serve God and Community in a Christ-Centered Multi-Ethnic Church serving families with and without special needs.


What's In It For Me

We at Revive Church Milwaukee recognize you have many faith communities to choose from.  Revive Church Milwaukee is honored you are considering continuing your faith walk with us.  

Core Values






Love with the heart of God. To love what God loves. To see in people what God sees in them. To show compassion and empathy. To invite people in. To tell the truth in love. To lift up and to bring challenge. To show up when people need us.

Live with the heart of God. To embrace the fullness of life that God has called us to. To live with faith, hope, and love. To believe that our lives matter to God, to this world, and to each other.

Give with the heart of God. To be generous with actions, words, thoughts, resources, and relationships. To share what we have so others can have what they need.

Serve with the heart of God. To join people on their journey and be helpful to them. To use our talents and abilities to revive and strengthen the faith, hope, and love of others.

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2327 North 52nd Street

Milwaukee Wisconsin 53210


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